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We also provide private investigator and detective services in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and all of Southeast Asia through our network of detective agencies: Philippines-PI.com, Indonesia PI.com and Vietnam PI.com. When you need a private detective Thailand PI.com - Contact our Bangkok private eye today to find out how we can help you get to the truth.


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Ethics & Policies

The relationships with our clients and staff are based on trust, so we promise to:


* Comply with government laws and standards in every country where we operate

* Operate under the highest ethical standards

* Identify, prevent, detect, and report any allegation of misconduct or violation of the law

* Implement the highest security standards to protect clients’ information you reveal or that we discover on your behalf.

* Keep all information strictly confidential unless you explicitly grant us permission to share it.


Our confidentiality policy covers all information relating to and provided by our clients as well as service staff.


All information related to and provided by our clients and service staff will be treated as confidential and stored in a safe, secure place using appropriate information technology tools to control access to such information. Such information will be stored only if it is current and necessary to undertake tasks relating to service delivery.


The time limit for storage of general non-active information will be 6 months, where this is a legal requirement to do so. Information where there is no such legal requirement will be stored for an appropriate period of time, which may, on occasion, be specified. Our security staff will be responsible for shredding confidential papers when finished with and deleting them from computer files.


Service Rates

Our Thai private eye investigation rates vary depending upon factors such as background of the case and/or the subject, purpose of the detective investigation, location where the investigation will be conducted, available information, what information would you like us to obtain and other related factors.



Payment Methods

Zele Investigators Thailand accepts the following forms of payment: Credit Card, Cash, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Xoom, or MoneyGram.


Zele Investigators Thailand is also PayPal verified, which provides the increased security and encryption of the PayPal network. Verified members such as Zele Investigators Thailand have successfully completed PayPal's Verification system to establish their identity with PayPal.


PayPal is our preferred and recommended payment method as it is the safest, quickest, and most secure - plus it gives you added security and buyers' protection. In addition, PayPal can accept most major currencies. We make it easy by sending you a PayPal invoice via email. For more information, go to www.paypal.com.


Note: A PayPal account is not required to pay with credit or debit cards!


Western Union, Xoom, and MoneyGram are normally processed within 1 day. For Western Union payments, we need the control number, payment amount, as well as the payor name, city and country of origin. For more information, refer to www.westernunion.com, www.xoom.com and www.moneygram.com.


Bank transfers can take from 2-5 days, we will send you the detailed payment instructions if that is your payment preference.


For your protection, no reference to Zele Investigators Thailand will appear on any payment records.


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Hiring a Thai Private Eye

If you want to hire a Thai private eye, it is a good idea to check their background and location. Many are based in the United States, not in Thailand or even Southeast Asia, so the first step is to make sure it’s possible to speak with someone that is actually in Thailand!


Why Choose Zele Investigators Thailand?

Your eyes and ears on the ground. Our team of local and expat Thailand private eyes and Thailand private investigators realize that every client and case is different, and handle each and every one with the same level of precision that delivers results within expected timelines.


Confidentiality is the most important ethic of our business, and when you are working with us, you can rest assured that your case and all its details will be totally secure with us.


What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

Over the years, we have gained rich experience and knowledge, which has actually given us an intuitive sense that helps us quickly understand cases and suggest strategies, alternatives, work arounds, and other approaches. We realize that the human aspect is one of the most important skills of a Thai private eye, therefore each project is handled on a very personal one-on-one basis.

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