Cheating Partner - Thailand/Bangkok Detective Services

If your partner is in Thailand and you are not, chances are they are "on the game". If you have spent any time in Asia, you already know what that means. "On the game" is when a Thai girl finds unsuspecting foreign men that she can manipulate into giving her money and other things. These girls are very good liars and use you for as long as they can. If your husband or boyfriend is in Thailand and you are not, good chances are they have a Thai girlfriend or mistress, and we can help you find out the truth.


We can monitor their movements, activities, location, as well as interactions with other people.  Our Thailand detectives use the utmost care with the latest technologies and also provide video and photographic evidence whenever possible. We make use of undercover vehicles equipped with all advanced technology to get closer to the subject when necessary. Our surveillance is unobtrusive as our goal is to protect your confidentiality as well as our agents safety. If your partner is there on business or holiday, our Bangkok detective can also follow directly from airport or other port of arrival.


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