Thai Marriage Certificate

Thai Marriage Certificate

Do you need a certified Thai marriage certificate, but are not in Thailand? You may need this for passport, legal matter or to establish one’s identity. Let Zele Investigators Thailand deliver a Thai marriage certificate to your global doorstep. In Thailand as in most countries, the local registrar manages records of marriage and issues a marriage certificate. Furthermore, this is done after the husband or wife file the required forms to the appropriate government agency. The local registrar (amphur) stores the official marriage certificate The following information must be provided to expedite the verification and issuance of marriage certification:

  • Name of the person
  • Name of the father and mother (maiden name for the mother)
  • Date of birth – Place of birth (city/municipality, province)
  • Date or marriage
  • Name and address of the requesting party
  • Relationship to the person
  • Purpose of the certification

How To Get a Copy?

Anyone can get a copy of a Thai marriage certificate directly from the amphur, as long as directly related to the child. Processing marriage certificate requests can take anywhere from immediate service to 4 weeks depending on the type of request, and whether you are getting it yourself or having it delivered. Please note that pursuant to local privacy laws, the records of a person’s marriage are kept strictly confidential.

  • The person himself, or any person authorized by them.
  • Their spouse, parent or parents, direct descendants, or the guardian or institution that is legally in charge (in case they are a minor).
  • The court or proper public official. This is done only when necessary for administrative, judicial or other official proceedings.
  • In case of the person’s death, the next of kin.

thai marriage certificate