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Our Zelephone Spyphone service allows you monitor phone calls, text messages, GPS location tracking, Whatsapp/Viber/LineKik chats, contact lists, pictures, videos, internet browsing history, emails, and more with our spy gadgets Thailand. Works on most smart phones – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile.  Lets you know if someone is being truthful with you. Catch cheating partners, stop employee espionage, protect your children, listen in on meeting rooms, and more. Requires an Internet-enabled smartphone, and you can monitor or download the monitoring data from a secure account on the internet.

  • Protect and Monitor Your Children 24/7
  • Monitor Company Owned Mobile Phones

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    Including advanced surveillance features for employers and parents, the Zele Spyphone spy gadgets Thailand tracks all mobile phone activities and sends the tracking information back to your user account.  If you are a concerned parent worried about our children’s phone activities or an employer worried about the use of company owned devices, then our Zele Spyphone phone monitoring software is recommended for you!Add block

    Voice Tracking  
    Chat Messenger TrackingWhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, KikPhone Spy Indonesia Phone Spy Indonesia
    Call HistoryProvides details of incoming and outgoing calls. Determines when and who is being called, based on the name stored in the mobile phones address book. You can even perform reverse lookups on the phone numbers.Phone Spy IndonesiaPhone Spy Indonesia
    Call DurationView the exact call duration of each call. This feature can be really helpful to find out the numbers which are frequently being called and have the longest call duration.Phone Spy IndonesiaPhone Spy Indonesia
    Sent/Received SMS Tracking Phone Spy Indonesia
    Other Tracking   
    Pictures and Videos
    Email Logging Phone Spy Indonesia Phone Spy Indonesia
    Web Browsing Spy gadgets philippines  Spy gadgets philippines 
    Contact List
    Security Tracking
    SIM Change Notification Notifies you by SMS when the SIM has been changed along with the new number. Phone Spy Indonesia
    Encrypted Communications All communication between the phone and website/server is secured using the industry standard encryption methods. Spy gadgets philippines Spy gadgets philippines
    Phone Wipe Removes all data in case of stolen or lost phone. Phone Spy Indonesia
    Location Tracking
    Location History Track location history of the phone. The location information is updated automatically at a predefined interval which you can control remotely. Phone Spy Indonesia Phone Spy Indonesia
    On Demand Location Information Get current location of target phone by sending the secret SMS at any time. The current location will be reported immediately through SMS reply. Phone Spy Indonesia Phone Spy Indonesia
    Alternative Location Retrieval Method GPS tracking feature provides the location of the nearest mobile tower, when GPS is off or unavailable due to cloud cover or other. Phone Spy Indonesia Phone Spy Indonesia




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