Other Zele Thai Detective Testimonials:

See why Zele is rated the best among professional Thai detective. In addition, see below for some of the client testimonials. 

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Other Client Reviews

Thai Marriage Check – Thomas from the USA

“I met a girl on a Thai Brides website and had a full background check done on her before I flew over to meet her blog. Zele checked her and her family out and also helped me get ready for the trip and meeting. Definitely recommend their service for this kind of premarital Thailand marriage check.”

Thai Detective Bargirl Investigation – George from Germany

“I was dating a girl that I met in Pattaya, we were getting serious and I wanted to make sure she was behaving properly while I was away. She worked as a ‘hostess’ in a Pattaya bar, or so she said. Zele Investigators Thailand learned she was doing a lot more than hostessing! She was not wearing the ring that I bought her and telling customers that she was single, and of course being bar fined the few nights that they checked.”

Lost Thai Marriage Certificate – Alex from Russia

“I lost my marriage certificate and could not remember the exact district where I was married in Thailand. I did not expect to be able to find it, but Zele Investigators Thailand was incredible, they checked over a dozen Amphur registrars until they found the right one that had my marriage certificate. Very professional and timely.”

Thai Manufacturer Employee Checks – Laura from Switzerland

“We were not sure what one of our sales people was really doing during work hours, so we asked Zele Thai Detective to help. They setup a sales call and then followed her for a few days. It turned out she was spending most of her time not working at all. Thanks for helping us get this sorted out.”

•    All names changed or withheld to protect our clients privacy and confidentiality

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