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Missing Person Thailand

It can be frustrating when you need to find someone in Thailand quickly but they seem to have disappeared. Perhaps it is a long lost girlfriend, old school mate, someone that owes you money, or lost family. Hiring a PI for a missing person Thailand case with real experience can be a tremendous time saver.
Missing person Thailand private detective services are designed to help you find someone anywhere in Thailand. A private investigator can use a series of techniques called skip tracing or missing person Thailand services to find someone. Perhaps you have tried the traditional methods of finding someone, phone directories or books, the Internet social scene, or old friends to no avail.  Furthermore, private investigator will go many steps further using follow-up addresses, email and phone tracing, citizen, voter, other registrar databases, posting rewards, Social media, and other useful sources.

Local Missing Person Thailand Services
Hire local! It’s important to choose a local private detective in Thailand country, such as one based in the metro Bangkok area.  A local private investigator understands the culture and unique customs of Thailand. They can work directly with local government officials, embassies and police to help find a missing person. By hiring local, you’ll enjoy the benefit of lower pricing, faster service and the experience needed to find a person in Thailand.  This type of service gives you the best of both worlds with agents and managers that have years of experience in various parts of the world. It also helps you to avoid scammers that are apt to take your money and do very little work.

Before hiring, be sure to do a background check. Thailand-based private investigators will have a local phone number and a real Thailand address.  A background check will reveal to you if the investigator is based in the US, Europe or some other place besides Thailand. Why pay extra for a middle man? In addition, be sure the detective you choose can speak proper English as well as understand the various Thailand dialects, such as Lao/Isaan or Pak Thai. Ask for samples of work, proof of security-confidentiality, and past customer references.  You should take time to find the right Thailand private detective that will work diligently without charging you a fortune. You can also check with the DBD.

Cheating Husband Thailand | Cheating Partner Investigations

Zele Investigators Thailand have seen sharp increases in Cheating Husband Thailand-Cheating Partner Thailand investigation requests across the entire range of customers; domestic and foreign wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, and even partners in same sex relationships. Furthermore, there are many warning signs to check for a possible cheating partner:
– Frequent Trips to Thailand
– Unidentified Phone Calls, SMS messages, or Chat Sessions
– Frequent Chat Messaging
– Multiple Phones or SIM Cards
– Phone Locks and Password
– Computer Locks and Passwords
– Unusual Cash Withdrawals or Credit Card Bills
– Sending Money to Thailand via Western Union, Bank Transfers or Moneygram
– Unexplained Money Transactions in Thailand
– Murky or Unknown Travel details
– Inability to Reach Them While Travelling
– Unusual or Unexplained Travel or Return Delays
– Other Social Media Updates or Interactions

Is Your Partner In Thailand?
Therefore, if your partner is in Thailand on a business or holiday trip, good chances they have a Thai girlfriend or mistress. In addition, it is very common for foreign married men to visit go go bars, clubs, discos and other places where Thai girls and prostitutes are freely and widely available. With the low prices and wide variety of girls and services, it is not too difficult to understand their popularity.

As a result, the next time your partner is in Thailand, contact us and we can help keep an eye on your partner. We can monitor what they do, where they go, who they meet, and if they are really being honest with you. If you don’t know exactly where they are staying, don’t worry just get us the flight details and we’ll monitor on their airport arrival. We will provide real-time updates as well as pictures and video. Finally, don’t get caught out, let us help you get the truth. To avoid Cheating Husband Thailand situation, you can also check on the following internet scammer lists.

Thai Death Certificate

Do you need a certified Thai death certificate, but are halfway around the globe? You may need this in case you are a relative of the deceased with pending insurance benefit claims, an insurance company who wants to verify a life insurance claim, for family records and archives, or simply a foreigner who wants to marry a widowed Thai national. In addition, Zele Investigators Thailand can verify and deliver a certified Thai death certificate to your global doorstep. Furthermore, in Thailand as in most countries, the local registrar issues and manages records of deaths. Furthermore, these are normally filed within 30 days of death. The following information must be provided to expedite the verification and issuance of a Thai death certificate:
– Complete name of the deceased person
– Date of death
– Place of death
– Complete name and address of the requesting party
– Purpose of the certification

How to Get A Thai Death Certificate
Anyone can get a copy of a death certificate directly from the local registrar (amphur MOFA), as long as they are directly related to the decedent. In addition, the processing of death certificate requests can take anywhere from 5 days to 4 weeks. Death records usually include the following information about the deceased:
– Name
– Place of death
– Full name of the hospital or institution (if death occurred there)
– Date of death
– Cause of death
– Residential address
– Sex
– Race
– Occupation
– Birthplace
– Birth date
– Citizenship
– Parents’ names (including mother’s maiden name)
– Surviving spouse’s name and address (if any)

Please note, death certificates issued before about 1980 may not be in the Bangkok registrar office. 

Thai Marriage Certificate

Do you need a certified Thai marriage certificate, but are not in Thailand? You may need this for passport, legal matter or to establish one’s identity. Let Zele Investigators Thailand deliver a Thai marriage certificate to your global doorstep. In Thailand as in most countries, the local registrar manages records of marriage and issues a marriage certificate. Furthermore, this is done after the husband or wife file the required forms to the appropriate government agency. The local registrar (amphur) stores the official marriage certificate. The following information must be provided to expedite the verification and issuance of marriage certification:
– Name of the person
– Name of the father and mother (maiden name for the mother)
– Date of birth – Place of birth (city/municipality, province)
– Date or marriage
– Name and address of the requesting party
– Relationship to the person
– Purpose of the certification

How To Get a Copy?
Anyone can get a copy of a Thai marriage certificate directly from the amphur, as long as directly related to the child. Processing marriage certificate requests can take anywhere from immediate service to 4 weeks depending on the type of request, and whether you are getting it yourself or having it delivered. Please note that pursuant to local privacy laws, the records of a person’s marriage are kept strictly confidential.
– The person himself, or any person authorized by them.
– Their spouse, parent or parents, direct descendants, or the guardian or institution that is legally in charge (in case they are a minor).
– The court or proper public official. This is done only when necessary for administrative, judicial or other official proceedings.
– In case of the person’s death, the next of kin.

Thai Marriage Scams

Thailand is known for it’s fraud and corruption, ranked highly on the NationMaster Government Corruption list. To combat Thai marriage scams, one should understand a person’s background before getting too involved on a personal level. As a result, Zele Investigators Thailand have seen a sharp rise in business from foreign customers. Investigations often focus on partners, brides, girlfriends, and internet dating relationships. Proceeding in a personal relationship without one is often very costly. Despite the fraud, there are opportunities in Thailand for enriching personal relationships. Wonderful girlfriends and brides certainly do exist, but hiring a Thailand private investigator to do a professional background check is an effective way to protect yourself and avoid Thai scammers!

Most Thai’s are honest and serious about finding a partner on the dating websites. Unfortunately, some of them turn out to be scammers. which makes bad press for the online dating sites. Furthermore, many Thai marriage scams and scammers ask a ‘victim’ to send a small amount of money to buy food, pay for daily living expenses, rent, utilities, plane ticket, visa fees, medical expenses, or other travel related expenses. Hence, be very careful of any travel related ones, as these typically escalate to include bank deposits, visa and passport fees, transportation expenses, and even immigration-legal fees! Therefore, please remember – NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU MEET ONLINE!

Scammer Warning Signs
– Does she ask for money for a plane ticket or other travel fees?
– Did she ask for money for food, rent, utilities or school?
– Does she ask for money for a medical emergency for her or her family?
– Did she claim to be in love right away?

Thailand Fraud Investigations

Thailand fraud and Thai marriage scams are prevalent in Thailand, which has a high degree of fraud and corruption. It is important to understand a person or company with a Thailand due diligence or background check before getting involved. Private investigators in Thailand have seen sharp increases in business from foreign customers. Investigations often focus on brides, girlfriends, and internet dating relationships, as well as foreign business partners and investors. With the high degree of fraud in Thailand, getting a background check or Thailand fraud and Thai Marriage Scam investigations are an important security decision. Proceeding in a personal or business relationship without one can be very costly. Despite the fraud, there are opportunities in Thailand. Both for personal and business relationships. Beautiful brides and profitable business ventures do exist.

Hiring a Thailand Fraud Investigator
Hiring a Thailand private investigator to do a professional due diligence or background check  is an effective way to protect yourself. We strongly advise consumer customers to have a background check performed for any internet relationship related matters. Especially before sending any money or making any travel plans. A Thailand fraud investigation normally includes verification of home or company address, business registration or marital status, tax or child status, social and local media checks. It may also include educational and employment credentials, criminal and credit checks and a discrete on-site investigation of the individual. We also advise for corporate customers to perform due diligence before conducting any business. Alibaba.comeBay, and others have high incidents of fraud and themselves warn any customers of steps to take before completing any monetary transactions.

Preventing fraud by hiring a professional investigator is prudent as well as cost effective because it may save you much more as well as prevent the aggravation and misery. This is much easier than recovering from Thailand fraud after having been defrauded.





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