Thai Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is the first legal recognition of a child’s identity. They normally state a child’s name, date of birth and place of birth, as well as the parents’ details. A birth certificate is the most important document for proving a child’s identity and nationality. These are normally filed in the civil registry by the hospital within 15 days of birth. In Thailand, these are managed by the local Amphur (registrar) offices.

If the child is not born in a hospital, then the village chief takes care of this. All of these documents are used to establish identity, get married, go to school, buy property or a house, drive a car, get a job, obtain a passport for travel, or other legal purposes. For other people, such as immigrants who get permission to stay in Thailand temporarily, have no obligation to notify of birth to the civil registrar. However, the civil registrar will proceed with the birth registration in case that there is a notification of birth from such immigrant.

Why Is a Thai Birth Certificate Important?

According to a national survey conducted by the NSO, almost all children under the age of five in Thailand are registered at birth (99.4 per cent) blog. Furthermore, among children from non-Thai households, the birth registration rate is only 79.2 per cent. This happens even though the law states that any child born in Thailand, including to non-Thai parents or parents who have no legal status, has the right to be registered and to obtain a birth certificate. 

Without a birth certificate, a child can be denied the right to subsidized healthcare and other social welfare services. They can also face restrictions on travel that limit both future education and employment opportunities. Unregistered children are also more vulnerable to abuse, trafficking and exploitation as their legal status makes it more difficult for them to file complaints or access related service once they fall victims.

Thai Birth Certificate, Other Civil Documents Search and Verification Services

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Thai Birth Certificate